Large Chunky Soy Wax Melts Highly Scented Snap Bars 70g  Rose

Large Chunky Soy Wax Melts Highly Scented Snap Bars 70g Rose

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Brand:  Octavia

Large Chunky Soy Wax Melts Rose - Highly Scented Snap Bars 70g. Ideal for Wax Burners.

Each pack includes 1 x 6 block snap bar (70g). Packaged in protective clam shell. 100% natural Soy wax with maximum fragrance oil.

FDA Approved - High Quality Soy Wax Melts so you can be assured your getting the best quality. These wax bars consist of 6 blocks that are designed to be broken up. For best results a tea light burner it provides a strong heat and diffuses a stronger scent throughout the room. Please remove packaging before use. Use the melts only on approved tea light or electric warmers. Please take special care around children and pets by keeping the melts AND packaging away from them.

Create a long lasting, strong and fragrant aroma around your home, office, bathroom and more with our Chunky Highly Scented Snap Bar Wax Melts. 30 Different scents available to choose from! Autumn and Winter essential to make your room feel and smell cosy and fresh! A great alternative to scented candles.

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