Glitter Dust and 1mm Additive for Paint Emulsion - Decorating Paint Additive 100g
Colour: #1 Chunky Holographic Gold 100gColour: #2 Fine Holographic Gold 100gColour: #3 Chunky Holographic Silver100gColour: #4 Fine Holographic Silver 100g
Colour: #5 Chunky Metallic Gold 100gColour: #6 Fine Metallic Gold 100gColour: #7 Chunky Metallic Silver 100gColour: #8 Fine Metallic Silver 100g
Colour: #21 Chunky Marry Me Millionaire 100gColour: #44 Fine Metallic Black 100gColour: #50 Pink Iridescent 100gColour: Chunky Pink Holographic 1mm  LB900 100g

Glitter Dust and 1mm Additive for Paint Emulsion - Decorating Paint Additive 100g

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Brand:  GlitterChic

100g Fine Dust and 1mm Glitter Additive for Paint Emulsion Interior and Exterior Walls, Ceiling, Bedroom, Wood and more.Need a little bit of sparkle in your home? Our glitter for Emulation Paint is the perfect addition to your next interior design project!Metallic glitter makes for a bright and bold look that captures light from every angle, casting a chrome effect. Making it a perfect statement piece!

Holographic Glitter reflects light across the colour spectrum, creating a dreamy blend of colours thatís forever changing!

The Iridescent Glitter has a slightly pearly effect that reflects light, making each piece of glitter simply beautiful with a range of hues that glisten and shine!Child safe - Heat and solvent resistant - 100% colourfast.

Just add 100g to 1.6 litres of paint, or alternatively 300g to 5 litres and youíre ready to paint and shine!
Mix thoroughly for 5 - 7 minutes with any emulsion paint. Allow the paint to dry completely and then start buffing!

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