Fine Dust Cosmetic Glitter (Various Sizes)
Colour: LB100 Silver Holographic DustColour: LB210 Gold Holographic DustColour: LB300 Red Holographic DustColour: LB401 Copper Holographic Dust
Colour: LB406 Brown Holographic DustColour: LB600 Emerald Green Holographic DustColour: LB601 Apple Green Holographic DustColour: LB700 Mid Blue Holographic Dust
Colour: LB702 Jade Green Holographic DustColour: LB800 Purple Holographic DustColour: LB900 Pink Fuchsia Holographic DustColour: LB705 Dark Blue Holographic Dust
Colour: LB901 Pinky Purple Holographic DustColour: LB1000 Black Holographic DustColour: B0100 Metallic Silver DustColour: B0202 Gold Metallic Dust
Colour: B0300 Red Metallic DustColour: B0401 Copper Metallic DustColour: B0500 Neon Orange DustColour: B0501 Neon Green Dust
Colour: B0503 Neon Pink DustColour: B0706 Mid Blue Metallic DustColour: B0711 Frozen Blue Metallic DustColour: B0802A Lilac Metallic Dust
Colour: B0913 Mid Pink Metallic DustColour: LB1000A Light Pink Metallic DustColour: B1002 Chrome Metallic DustColour: C06 Purple Iridescent Dust
Colour: C09 Pink Iridescent DustColour: C11 Blue Iridescent DustColour: C12A Yellow Iridescent DustColour: F30 White Holographic Dust

Fine Dust Cosmetic Glitter (Various Sizes)

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Cosmetic Fine Glitter Dust. Cosmetic Grade for Face, Eye, Hair, Nail, Body, Arts & Crafts available in sizes 5g, 10g, 25g & 50g Bags.

Perfect For Face, Eyes, Nails, Hair, Body, Glitter Tattoos, Arts, Crafts, Resin Art Supplies, Slime, Glitter Tumblers, Wax Melts and Candles, Bath, Scrap Booking, Children's Crafts & Festivals.

FDA Approved
Child Friendly
High Quality

Our Cosmetic Glitter is suitable for a wide range of applications including: Loose Glitter, Eye Shadow (Glitter eyes), Glitter Lips, Nail Art, Face And Body & Glitter Tattoo's.

Metallic glitter makes for a bright and bold look that captures light from every angle, casting a chrome effect. Making it a perfect statement piece!

Holographic Glitter reflects light across the colour spectrum, creating a dreamy blend of colours thatís forever changing!

The Iridescent Glitter has a slightly pearly effect that reflects light, making each piece of glitter simply beautiful with a range of hues that glisten and shine!

Each glitter has a mix of hexagon glitter cuts available.

As supplied to festivals and professional glitter stations all over the country!

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